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Chapter 11 Sentences

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Svshki yvt achunli vm abvcha chi̱.
(my) Mom will teach me to sew.
Na tvnna pisa achukma a̱ chompa tuk.
She bought me pretty material.
Chipokni yvt na tvnna chim isha chi̱.
Your grandma will get material for you.
Hvshi achvffa yash, anchi hvpim achunli tuk.
One month ago, she sewed us (all) a quilt.
Hattak mvt chukka hvpim ikbi tuk.
That man built us (all) a house.
Vlla nakni yvt okhisa pi̱ tiwwi tuk.
The boy opened the door for us.
Alikchi yvt aheka pi̱ pila tuk.
The doctor sent us a bill.
A̱ki yvt aheka ma̱ hvpim atobba chi̱.
My dad will pay that bill for us (all).
Chim ofi yvt a̱ shulush vm isht vla tuk.
Your dog brought me my shoes.
A̱ shulush achvffa ya̱ hopa̱sa tuk.
It (subject) chewed one of my shoes (non-subject noun).
Kvta hosh vm apoksia chi̱?
Who (same subject as answer) will repair it for me?
Shulush ikbi yvt chim apoksia hinla.
The shoe maker can fix it for you.
Pilashash vm vlla yvt hvbishko tuk.
My child sneezed yesterday.
Iloh i̱ yukpa tuk.
We all laughed at her.
Hvpim anumpuli bvnna kiyo.
She doesn’t want to talk to us (all).
Onnakma hvpi na yukpa chi̱.
We all will be happy tomorrow.