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Chapter 12 Sentences

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Vlla nakni mvt pvlhki hosh nowa.
That boy walks (in) fast (manner).
Ohoyo pvt pvlhki i̱ shahli hosh nowa.
This woman walks (in) faster (manner).
Hattak vt pvlhki moma i̱ shahli hosh nowa.
The man walks (in) the fastest (manner).
Palvska pvt achukma.
This bread is good.
Chi̱ palvska yvt achukma i̱ shahli.
Your bread is better.
Hvshki i̱ palvska yvt achukma moma i̱ shahli.
(the) Mom’s bread is the best.
Vm aboha yvt libesha chohmi.
My room is a little warm.
Chim aboha yvt libesha fehna.
Your room is very warm.
Im aboha yvt libesha chiyyohmi.
Her room is really quite warm.
A̱ holisso yvt achukma chohmi.
My book is kind of good.
Chi̱ holisso yvt achukma fehna.
Your book is very good.
I̱ holisso yvt achukma a̱hli.
His book is truly good.