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Chapter 13 Sentences

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Holisso apisa antta li tuk.
I was at (temoporarily) the school.
A̱ki micha svshki yvt chukka a̱shwa.
My dad and (my) mom are at (temporarily) home.
Hattak ushta yvt aiittvtoba ma̱ a̱sha.
The four men are at (temporarily) that store.
Ikhvnanchi himitta mvt chukka pa̱ vtta.
That young teacher lives in this house.
Nan vlhtuka tuklo pvt tvmaha chito vshwa.
These two officers live in the city.
A̱ tek tuchina yvt Oklahoma asha.
My three sisters live in Oklahoma.
Ampo okchakko yvt aiimpa ma̱ tala̱ya.
The blue plate is setting on that table.
Isht ishko tahlapi hosh aiimpa chito pakna ma̱ talohma̱ya.
The five cups (same subject) are setting on top of that big table.
Ampo micha isht ishko yvt aiimpa talo̱ha.
The plate and cup are setting on the table.