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Chapter 14 Sentences

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Hattak vt kaa bili̱ka hiki̱a.
The man is standing near the car.
Ohoyo tuklo hosh iti nuta hinli.
Two women (emphasized or same subject) are standing under the tree.
Vlla vhleha yvt oka anuka hiohma̱ya.
The (multiple) children are standing in(side) the water.
Chukfi lusa yvt shauwa anuka bininli.
The black rabbit is sitting inside the underbrush.
Katos tuklo hosh aboha ma̱ chi̱ya.
Two cats (same or emphasized subject) are sitting in that room.
Fvni la̱wa hosh akka binohma̱ya.
There are very many squirrels (same or emphasized subject) sitting on the ground below.
Ofi tuklo mvt katimma ka̱ha?
Where are those two dogs laying?
Ofi tuklo mvt chukka nuta ka̱ha.
Those two dogs are laying under the house.
Aka̱ka yvt kanchvk anuka binohma̱ya.
The chickens (3 or more) are sitting inside the barn.
Chi̱ shvpo yvt chim aboha takanli.
Your hat is hanging in your room.
Takkon tuklo hosh iti ma̱ tako̱hli tuk.
Two apples (same or emphasized subject) were hanging on that tree.
Ilefoka la̱wa hosh kucha takohma̱ya.
A lot of clothes (same or emphasized subject) are hanging outside.