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Chapter 1 Sentences

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Yvmmvt nanta?
What is that?
Yvmmvt a̱ chukka iskitini.
That is my little house.
Chi̱ chukka yvt tohbi yo̱?
Is your house white?
Keyu, a̱ chukka yvt lakna.
No, my house is yellow.
Palvska champuli vpa sv bvnna.
I want to eat cake.
Nanta chi bvnna?
What do you want?
Wak nipi hvchi bvnna ho̱?
Do you all want beef?
Keyu, aka̱k nipi hvpi bvnna.
No, we all want chicken (meat).
Nanta chia?
What are you?
Chahta ikhvnanchi sia.
I am a Choctaw teacher.
Hushi homma mvt nanta katiohmi?
What is that red bird doing?
Hushi homma yvmmvt nihi vpa.
That red bird is eating seeds.
Hattak chaha mvt katimma ia tuk?
Where did that tall man go?
Bennington ia tuk.
He went to Bennington.
Hattak mvt falama chi̱ ho̱?
Will that man return?
A̱, onnakma falama chi̱.
Yes, he will return tomorrow.