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Chapter 15 Sentences

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Vlla tek mvt chukka tikba antta.
That girl is (temporarily) at the front of the house.
Vlla nakni yvt bok ola i̱ tvnnvp antta.
The boy is (temporarily) on this side of the river.
I̱ki yvt kanchvk anuka hiki̱a tuk.
His dad was standing inside the barn.
Svshki micha a̱ki yvt tvmaha kucha ittiachi.
My mom and (my) dad are going out of town.
Mvskoki i̱ yakni ona chi̱.
They (singular) will arrive (there) in Muskogee Creek’s country (territory).
Hattak Vpi Homma inla il afama chi̱.
We will meet other Native Americans.
Ohoyo yvt bok misha i̱ tvnnvp hiki̱a.
The woman is standing on the other side of the river.
Vlla mvt iti a̱shaka bininli.
That child is sitting behind the tree.
Im ofi yvt kaa nuta ittonla.
His dog is laying under the car.
Pilashash oklush inla ta̱kla antta li tuk.
I was (temporarily) among other tribes yesterday.
Himak nittak a̱ chukka bili̱ka il a̱shwa.
Today we both are (temporarily) near my house.
Onnakma iti nuta e binohma̱ya chi̱.
Tomorrow we (3 or more) will sit under the tree.