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Chapter 17 Sentences

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Chim ofi yvt chukka et balili tuk o̱?
Did your dog run this way toward the house?
Keyu, vm ofi yvt bok pit balili tuk.
No, my dog ran that way toward the river.
Nanta hosh kanchvk pila ia tuk?
What (same subject as answer) was going toward the barn?
Issuba lusa yosh ola minti.
A black horse (emphasized or same subject) is coming this way.
Hvshi aiokvttula pila ish ia chi̱ ho̱?
Will you go toward the west?
A̱, okhvta chito pisa sv bvnna.
Yes, I want to look at the ocean.
Ohoyo mvt oka mahli pila ia tuk.
That woman went toward the south.
Hattak mvt hvshi akuchvka pila ia chi̱.
That man will go toward the east.
Simvnoli yvt katimma pila ia chi̱?
Which way will the (singular) Seminole go?
Falvmmi pila ia bvnna tuk.
He wanted to go (towards) north.
Ishki yvt misha ia tuk.
His mom went away.
Onnakma okla falama chi̱.
They will return tomorrow.
Svpokni yvt hushi taloa pit ha̱klo tuk.
My grandmother heard a song bird (that way or over there).
Hushi mvt pisa achukma fehna tuk.
That bird was very pretty.
Katos pvt hushi ma̱ ont vpa bvnna.
This cat wants to go and eat that bird.
Vlla nakni mvt katos a̱ ant isha chi̱.
That boy will come and get the cat.