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Chapter 3 Sentences

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Chahta sia.
I am Choctaw.
Chalaki chia.
You are Cherokee.
Ikhvnanchi hvpia.
We (all) are teachers.
Holisso pisa hvchia.
You (all) are students.
Vlla apesvchi chia ho̱?
Are you a babysitter?
A̱, vlla tuklo apesvchi li.
Yes, I take care of two children.
Alikchi himitta hvchia kiyo.
You (all) are not young doctors.
Wak apesvchi sipokni hvchia.
You (all) are old cowboys.
Chalaki micha Chahta yvt impa.
The Cherokee and Choctaw are eating.
Ish impa tuk o̱?
Did you eat?
Keyu, sv hohchvffo.
No, I’m hungry.
Binili micha impa!
Sit and eat!
Nanta hvchia?
What are you (all)?
Mvskoki hoponi hvpia.
We (all) are Muskogee (Creek) cooks.
Nanta okla vpa bvnna?
What do they want to eat?
Issi nipi okla vpa bvnna.
They want to eat venison.