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Chapter 4 Sentences

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Nanta ish mihchi?
What are you doing?
Nana hoponi li.
I am cooking something.
Vlla nakni mvt nana ikba chi̱ ho̱?
Will that boy make something?
A̱, holihta iskitini ikba chi̱.
Yes, he will make a small fence.
Issuba nukshopa mvt nanta vpa hinla?
What can that wild horse eat?
Issuba nukshopa mvt nana kia vpa hinla.
That wild horse can eat anything.
Ohoyo mvt holisso chito hochefo tuk.
That woman read a big book.
Nana kia hochefa hinla.
She can read anything.
Hattak mvt kvta apela tuk?
Whom did that man help?
Kvna apela tuk.
He helped someone.
Kvta hosh bok hlopulli tuk?
Who (subject same in answer) went through the river?
Kvna hosh bok hlopulli tuk.
Someone (same subject from question) went through the river.
Alikchi yvt kvta pisa chi̱?
Whom will the doctor look at?
Alikchi mvt kvna kia pisa hinla.
That doctor can look at anyone.
Kvta hosh palvska champuli bvnna?
Who (same subject in answer) wants cake?
Kvna kia palvska champuli bvnna chi̱.
Anyone will want cake.