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Ordering Food & Drinks (Dec AFL)

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je prends
I'll have
il prend
he'll have
elle prend
she'll have
nous prennons
we'll have
ils prennent
they'll have
elles prennent
they'll have (f)
We always have
Toujours on prend
je voudrais
I'd like
il voudrait
he'd like
elle voudrait
she'd like
nous voudrions
we'd like
ils voudraient
they'd like
elles voudraient
they'd like (f)
j'ai choisi
I've chosen
j'ai choisi de prendre
I've decided to have
je bois
I drink
tu bois
you drink
il/elle boit
he/she drinks
nous buvons
we drink
vous buvez
you drink
ils buvent
they drink