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figure out
to be able to understand something or to solve a problem
get down
to lower your head and body quickly in order to avoid being hit by something
like a circle
a type of dancing used for telling a story, with complicated movements that need great skill and a lot of training
get along
to manage to continue doing something or make progress in a situation
a public performance, especially of jazz or popular music
get around
if news ..., a lot of people hear it
a shape with four straight sides and four angles of 90º
runny nose
when you have a cold
get on
hand in
to give something to a person in authority
a flat shape with three straight sides
the organ in your body that cleans your blood and produces bile (=a liquid that helps your body process fat)
help out
to help someone, especially by doing a particular job or by giving them money
a ... object has a thin, sharp end or becomes much narrower at one end