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Lesser wing of Sphenoid
Bony contents of orbit apex
Frontal, maxilla, zygomatic
Bony contents of orbit base (orbital margin)
Lesser wing of sphenoid, orbital part of frontal
Bony contents of superior wall of orbit
maxilla, zygomatic, palatine
Bony contents of inferior wall of orbit
sphenoid, ethmoid, lacrimal, maxilla
Bony contents of orbit's medial wall
greater wing of sphenoid, zygomatic
Bony contents of orbit's lateral wall
Optic canal is a feature of _____ of the orbit
Infra- and supra-orbital foramina are features of _____ of the orbit
inferior orbital fissure, maxillary sinus
Features of inferior wall of orbit
Air cells, A/P ethmoidal foramina, nasolacrimal canal opening are features of ____ wall of orbit
superior orbital fissure
Feature of lateral wall of orbit
frontal sinus, trochlea, lacrimal fossa are features of _____ wall of orbit
Mucous membrane of the eyeball
optical axes
These axes are parallel to each other when looking forward
conjunctival sac
This space is open when the eyelids are parted at the palpebral fissure
orbicularis oculi
Muscle that acts as an orbital sphincter
tarsal glands
Secrete lipids to keep lacrimal fluid from crossing over the eyelid
superior tarsal
Sympathetically innervated smooth muscle in the eyelid
Largest component of the vascular layer of the eye between sclera and retina
ciliary body
Connection between choroid and iris
Looking up and down from the _____ position tests the oblique ocular muscles
Looking up and down from the _____ position tests the 'rectus' muscles