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Motor Cranial Nerves

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The 5 purely motor cranial nerves are CN _______
medial rectus, inferior rectus, inferior oblique
Inferior division of Oculomotor innervates _______
superior rectus, levator palpebrae superioris
superior division of CN III innervates ______
oculomotor, midbrain
Cell bodies (somatic) of CN III are in the _______ nucleus of the ______
sphincter, ciliary, inferior
Parasympathetics innervating ____ pupillae and _____ muscle arise from _____ division of Oculomotor
accessory oculomotor, westfall, ciliary
CN III preganglionic parasympathetic cell bodies are in _______ nucleus or Edinger _______ nucleus and synapse in the ______ ganglion
This cranial nerve innervates superior oblique
superior orbital fissure
Trochlear nerve exits cranial cavity via _______
trochlear, pons, dorsal
CN IV cell bodies are in ____ nucleus of the ____ and arise from _____ side of the brainstem
CN _____ innervates lateral rectus muscle
Abducens goes through _____ sinus before traveling through superior orbital fissure
abducens nucleus
Cell bodies of CN VI originate in ______
trapezius, sternocleidomastoid
Accessory nerve innervates _______
The only nerve to ascend through foramen magnum
spinal accessory, 5
Cell bodies of CN XI originate from _________ nucleus of upper ____ segments of spinal cord
jugular foramen
Accessory nerve exits cranial cavity via ________
CN _____ innervates all intrinsic and extrinsic muscles of the tongue except palatoglossus
hypoglossal nucleus
CN XII cell bodies originate in the ______
hypoglossal canal
CN XII exits the cranial cavity via