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11 November 1918, 11 am
Treaty of Versailles
28 June 1919
Wilson's 14 Points
American peace terms concerning World War I (8 January 1918)
Woodrow Wilson
American representative at Versailles
Georges Clemenceau
French representative at Versailles
David Lloyd George
UK representative at Versailles
£6.6 billions
sum of World War I reparations in billions of pound sterling
100000 tonnes (approx)
World War I reparations in equivalent of pure gold
percentage of land Germany lost after World War I
percentage of iron reserves Germany lost with the treaty of Versailles
Germany was required to reduce its armed forces to a maximum of ..... troops
Cameroon, Togo
two German colonies ceded to Britain and France
Ruanda-Urundi (Rwanda, Burundi)
German colony ceded to Belgium
Tanganyika (main part of Tanzania)
German colony ceded to Britain
South-West Africa (Namibia)
German colony ceded to South Africa