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John Maynard Keynes
British economist who resigned at Versailles
demobilized soldiers who refused to return arms.
1919 Spartacists took over key buildings (e.g. newspaper offices) in this city
Kaiser Wilhelm II
abdication on 9th November 1918
Spartacus League / Spartakusbund
predecessor of the Communist Party (11 November 1918 – 1 January 1919)
KPD / Communist Party (of Germany)
founded by Luxemburg at 1 January 1919 in Berlin
DAP / German Workers' Party
short-lived predecessor of the Nazi Party (5 January 1919)
NSDAP / Nazi party
new name of the DAP from 24 February 1920
When Hitler created the Sturmabteilung (SA)
nickname of the SA
Kapp Putsch
Right-wing revolt 1920
return of the Kaiser
aim of Kapp
General Strike
How Kapp was defeated (after controlling Berlin)
200,000 billion marks
price of loaf of bread in 1923
loss of savings
consequence of hyperinflation for middle classes