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Gustav Stresemann
Chancellor in 1923, Foreign Secretary until 1929
Beer Hall Putsch
November 1923, Munich, failed attempt to seize power by Hitler
1923,the German government introduced Rentenmark ending ...
Dawes plan
1924 US plan to help economy
German industry
After 1924 US banks started to invest in this
Locarno Treaty
Stresemann's acceptance of the loss of territories, 1925
Nobel Peace Prize
prize awarded to Stresemann in 1926
Mein Kampf
Hitler's autobiographical exposition of his political ideology (published 1925/1926)
League of Nations
1926 Germany joined
Young Plan
Germany's reparations reduced in 1929 due to
Location of yearly Nazi rallies (Reichsparteitag)
Enabling Act
A bill which gave Hitler emergency powers in 1933
Secret State Police (formed 26 April 1933)
Third Reich
Hitler's name for the Nazi state
Edelweiss Pirates
Rival youth group to Hitler Youth