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Reichstag Fire
1933, arson attack on Parliament building
Franklin D Roosevelt
President of the USA during the 1930's and 1940's
Who did Goering blame for the Reichstag fire?
World Disarmament Conference
Failed attempt to reduce rearmament, 1932-1934
first Nazi concentration camp (set up 20 March 1933)
SA / Sturmabteilung
paramilitary organization of the Nazi Party (renamed 4 November 1921)
SS / Schutzstaffel
paramilitary organization of the Nazi Party (formed 4 April 1925)
Hitler Youth / Hitler-Jugend (HJ)
Nazi youth organization (renamed July 1926)
League of German Maidens (BDM)
girl's wing of the Hitler Youth (June 1930)
The League of German Maidens' main focus....
Motherhood Cross
Medal given to women for having many children
Horst Wessel Song
Nazi Anthem, played after the official national anthem since 12 July 1933
Nuremberg (Racial) Laws
Antisemitic laws introduced at the 1935 Nuremberg Rally
Lebensraum (im Osten)
genocidal expansionist goal of Hitler (German for habitat)
Person who spies on their neighbours