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Night of the Long Knives / "Röhm Putsch"
30 June – 2 July 1934 (purge of political enemies)
Ernst Röhm
SA Leader / Stabschef SA (1930–1934)
Hermann Göring
commander-in-chief of the Luftwaffe (1935–1945); Deputy Führer (1941–1945)
Rudolf Hess
Deputy Führer (1933–1941)
Heinrich Himmler
Head of the SS / Reichsführer SS (1929–1945)
Joseph Goebbels
Nazi Propaganda Minister (1933–1945)
Strength Through Joy / KdF
state controlled leisure organization 1933–1945
SA and SS
Which groups did Chancellor Bruning ban in April 1932?
Stab-in-the-back myth
the idea that the Germans did not lose WW1 but were betrayed by the 'November Criminals'
Britain, France and Italy met here and formed an anti-Hitler group in 1935
November Criminals
defamatory Nazi term for the leaders of the November revolution 1918
Berlin Olympics
August 1936 (international event)
type of music banned in Nazi Germany
Remilitarized by Hitler in March 1936
Annexation by Nazi Germany of Austria in 1938