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Kristallnacht / Night of Broken Glass
9 November 1938 (pogrom against Jews)
Refugee Children Movement (Kristallnacht 1938 – September 1939)
area of Czechoslovakia populated largely by German speakers
German unified armed forces (renamed 16 March 1935)
German air force (founded 1 March 1935)
German navy (renamed 1 June 1935)
9 November
German Revolution 1918, Hitler Putsch 1923, Kristallnacht 1938, Fall of Berlin Wall 1989
Triple Axis
Germany, Japan and Italy
invaded by Germany on 1 September 1939
Joachim von Ribbentrop
German foreign minister (1938–1945)
Eva Braun
Hitler's secret companion (and wife for one day)
Leni Riefenstahl
film director and actress famous for Nazi propaganda films ("Triumph of the Will")
Weimar Culture / Golden Twenties
flourishing of the arts and sciences in Germany in the 1920s
architectural school founded in Weimar (1919–1933)
Walter Gropius
founder of the Bauhaus school