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Fastyr mie. Nee uss Bobby Quine?
Good afternoon. Are you Bobby Quine?
Ta shen kiart. Mish Bobby as nee uss Orry Lewin?
That’s right. I’m Bobby and are you Orry Lewin?
Shen eh! Cha nel mee er nakin oo rish tammylt.
That’s it! I haven’t seen you for a while.
As cha nel mee er nakin oo rish tammylt noadyr!
And I haven’t seen you for a while either.
Kys t’ou ansherbee?
How are you anyway?
Cha nel mee ro-olk.
I’m not too bad.
C’raad t’ou cummal nish?
Where are you living now?
Ta mee cummal faggys da Rhumsaa nish agh ta mee sy jiass jiu cur shilley er my vummig.
I am living near to Ramsey now but I am in the south today visiting my mum.
Mie dy liooar. Kys t’ee?
OK. How is she?
T’ee feer vie gura mie ayd. Vel oo foast cummal ayns Purt le Moirrey?
She’s very good thank you. Are you still living in Port st Mary?
Son shickyrys. S’mie lhiam Purt le Moirrey as ta mee maynrey dy liooar cummal ayns shoh foast.
For certain. I like Port st Mary and I am happy enough living here still.
S’mie shen. Ansherbee ta mee geearree beggan cooney my sailt.
That’s good. Anyway I want a little help please.