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Feer vie. Cre t’ou geearree?
Very good. What do you want?
Ta mee geearree kionnaghey blaaghyn son my vummig.
I want to buy some flowers for my mum.
Vel ynnyd-garey faggys da Purt le Moirrey?
Is there a garden-centre near to Port st Mary?
Ta. Ta nane eddyr Purt le Moirrey as Colby. T’eh feer vie.
Yes. There is one between Port st Mary and Colby. It’s very good.
S’mie shen. C’red t’ou jannoo lurg shappal jiu?
That’s good. What are you doing after shopping today?
Lurg shappal ta mee geearree cloie Golf agh shen eh s’liklee.
After shopping I want to play golf but that’s it probably.
Well aigh vie lesh yn Golf. Shegin dou goll nish agh hee’m oo ny s’anmey s’liklee.
Well good luck with the Golf. I have to go now but I’ll see you later probably.
Hee’m oo reesht ayns Purt le Moirrey.
I’ll see you again in Port st Mary.
shopping centre
sports centre
litter centre