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Shegin dou
I have to
Shegin dhyt
You have to
Shegin jee
She has to
Shegin da
He has to
Cre shegin dhyt jannoo?
What do you have to do?
to me
to you
to her
to him
to put
Cur shilley er
to visit
Nod oo cur dou yn arran my sailt?
Can you give me the bread please?
Vel oo cur dou yn arran nish?
Are you giving me the bread now?
Quoi ta cur dou yn arran?
Who is giving me the bread?
Shegin dou cur yn arran dhyt
I have to give you the bread
Quiss beg
little quiz.
Cre shegin dhyt jannoo nish?
What do you have to do now?
Shegin dou loayrt Gaelg
I have to speak Manx
Cre shegin dhyt jannoo fastyr jiu
What do you have to do this afternoon?
Shegin dou gynsagh Gaelg
I have to learn Manx