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Neeym feddyn ushtey son ny blaaghyn as gura mie ayd reesht
I’ll find some water for the flowers and thanks again
She dty vea
You’re welcome
to find
I will
Nee oo shappal
you will shop
Nee eh Gynsagh Gaelg
He will learn Manx
Nee ee goll dys Doolish
She will go to Douglas
Nee Bob giu caffee
Bob will drink coffee
Cre ren oo jiu?
What did you do today?
Well ren mee kionnaghey blaaghyn er dty hon agh roish shen ren mee shappal beggan ec y co-op ayns Purt le Moirrey
Well I bought flowers for you but before that I shop a little at the Co-op in Port st Mary
Roish shen
before that
Nagh vel Co-op ayns Rhumsaa?
Isn’t there a Co-op in Ramsey?
Ta, agh ren mee geearree kionnaghey brishtagyn er dty hon
Yes, but I wanted to buy some biscuits for you
Nagh vel?
Cre’n sorçh brishtagyn ren oo kionnaghey?
What type of biscuits did you buy?
Brishtagyn shocklaid. Vel oo geearree nane?
Chocolate biscuits. Do you want one?
C'ren sorçh?
What kind?