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Nollick Ghennal erriu as blein feer vie
A Merry Christmas to you
Seihll as slaynt da’n slane lught-thie
Long life and health to the whole household;
Bea as gennallys eu bio ry-cheilley
Life and joy to you living together
Shee as graih eddyr mraane as deiney
Peace and love between women and men
C'red t'ou jannoo?
What are you doing?
C'red t'ou geearree jannoo?
What do you want to do?
C'red t'ou jannoo fastyr jiu?
What are you doing this afternoon?
C'red t'ou jannoo noght?
What are you doing tonight?
C'raad t'ou cummal?
Where do you live?
C'raad t'ou shappal
Where do you shop?
C'raad t'ou gobbragh?
Where do you work?
C'raad t'ou geearree gobbragh?
Where do you want to work?
Quoi ta cummal ayns Doolish?
Who lives in Douglas?
Quoi ta geearree cummal ayns Doolish?
Who wants to live in Douglas?
Quoi ta geearree caffee nish?
Who wants a coffee now?
Quoi ta loayrt Gaelg?
Who speaks Manx?
Cre'n traa t'ou goll shappal?
What time are you going shopping?
Cre'n traa t'ou goll dys Doolish?
What time are you going to Douglas?
C'ren sorçh brishtagyn t'ou geearree?
What type of biscuits do you want?
Cre'n sorçh jough t'ou geearree?
What type of drink do you want?