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Cre s'mie lhiat?
What do you like?
Cre s'mie lhiat jannoo?
What do you like doing?
Cre s'mie lhiat coagyrey?
What do you like cooking?
Cre s'mie lhiat gee son anjeeal?
What do you like eating for breakfast?
C'raad s'mie lhiat ayns Mannin?
Where do you like in Mannin?
C'raad s'mie lhiat shappal?
Where do you like shopping?
C'raad s'mie lhiat gee?
Where do you like eating?
C'raad s'mie lhiat goll shooyl?
Where do you like going walking?
C'raad s'mie lhiat goll snaue?
Where do you like going swimming?
C'raad s'mie lhiat gynsagh Gaelg?
Where do you like learning Manx?
Cre share lhiat?
What do you prefer?
Cre share lhiat jannoo?
What do you prefer doing?
Cre ren oo?
What did you do?
Cre ren oo jea?
What did you do yesterday?
Cre ren oo moghrey jea?
What did you do yesterday morning?
Cre ren oo riyr?
What did you do last night?
Cre nee oo?
What will you do?
Cre nee oo mairagh?
What will you do tomorrow?
Cre nee oo noght?
What will you do tonight?
Cre nee oo Jesarn?
What will you do on Saturday?