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Cre shegin dhyt jannoo nish?
What do you have to do now?
Cre shegin dhyt jannoo laa Nollick?
What do you have to do on Christmas Day?
Cre shegin dhyt jannoo laa'l Steoin?
What do you have to do on St Stephen's Day
C'raad shegin dhyt goll son jough Oie'll Voirrey?
Where do you have to go for a drink on Christmas Eve
Cre nee oo y vlein shoh çheet?
What will you do this coming year?
Neeym gynsagh ram Gaelg
I'll learn a lot of Manx
Neeym loayrt ram Gaelg
I'll speak a lot of Manx
Shegin dou gynsagh tooilley Gaelg
I have to learn more Manx
S'mie lhiam Gaelg as ta mee maynrey gynsagh Gaelg as y vlein shoh çheet neeym gynsagh tooilley
I like Manx and I am happy learning Manx and this coming year I'll learn more