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Audio Tests for Ceacht a Sé - a Deich

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where is he at all?
where are you now, Seán?
I am in here
Where is she now?
she is not out here
she is outside in the garden, right enough
Where is Seán?
He's out
Is mammy out also?
No, she's inside
In the kitchen, is it (c)?
No, she's upstairs (in response to an ea?)
is daddy at home?
the girl is not in the kitchen now
the big boy is in the school
mammy is in the bed
is the fat man in the house?
the woman is not in the little room
Good day, Seán, is daddy at home?
No, he is out
Is mammy in?
Mammy isn't well. She's in bed
Bad enough. Good bye
Is anyone in the station now?
There is someone in the car (there is a person in the car)
There's no one in the bus
Is there anything in the box?
There is nothing in the car
Seán is at home
Oh look, the train is in the station
Oh, yes, but where is daddy?
Look, there (e) he is
Good day children
Where is mammy and the car?
Look, there (e) she is in the station
Oh yes, all right
Good day, Seán, where is mammy?
She's up at the chapel
And where is Máire?
She's out also, she's down at the shop
There's no one at home except yourself?
There's no one else here
Are the children at the shop now?
the sick boy is at the fire
There is no one at the house
I am at the door
is the thin girl at the shop?
the teacher isn't at the school
is that thing at the house?
that woman is at the chapel
The children are not at the station
Where are the other children, Seán?
They are all in the school. They are at their lunch
And where's the teacher?
She's (e) in the house. She's at her dinner
Is Máire at her lunch still?
Yes. She's inside the school.