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Ceacht a haon déag - Cé atá...?

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cé atá?
who is?
cé atá ann?
who is there?
cé atá istigh?
who is inside?
cé atá thuas?
who is up?
cé atá tinn?
who is ill?
cé atá ag an teach?
who is at the house?
cé atá sa bhaile?
who's at home?
cé atá sa charr?
who is in the car?
cé atá thuas an staighre?
who is upstairs?
cé atá fuar anois?
who is cold now?
cé atá amuigh ansin?
who is outside there (e)?
cé atá ansin ag an doras?
who is there at the door?
cé atá ag an tine?
who is at the fire?
le Brídín
with Brídín
ag caoineadh
isteach leat
in with you
mar sin
so / therefore
Cá bhfuil tú, a Sheáin?
Where are you, Seán?
Tá mé anseo ag an doras
I am here at the door
Cé atá istigh le Brídín?
Who is inside with Brídín?
Níl aon duine istigh anois
There is no one inside now
Isteach leat, mar sin; tá sí ag caoineadh
In with you, so; she is crying