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an bord
the table
ar an mbord
on the table
an t-arán
the bread
an t-im
the butter
an t-uisce
the water
an bainne
the milk
an tae
the tea
an siúcra
the sugar
Tá an t-arán ar an mbord
The bread is on the table
Tá an t-im ar an mbord
The butter is on the table
Tá an t-uisce ar an mbord
The water is on the table
Tá an bainne ar an mbord
The milk is on the table
Tá an tae ar an mbord
The tea is on the table
Tá an siúcra ar an mbord
The sugar is on the table
An bhfuil an bainne ar an mbord fós?
Is the milk on the table yet?
Níl aon arán ar an mbord anois
There's no bread on the table now
Tá siad ar an mbord, féach
They are on the table, look
Tá an rud salach sin ar an mbosca
That dirty thing is on the box
Níl aon duine ar an mbus
There's no one on the bus
Cé atá ar an staighre anois
Who's on the stairs now?
gach rud
a jug
a plate
sa chrúiscín
in the jug
ar an bpláta
on the plate
níl a fhios agam
I don't know
An bhfuil gach rud ar an mbord anois, a mhamaí?
Is everything on the table now mammy?
Níl a fhios agam. An bhfuil bainne sa chrúiscín?
I don't know. Is there milk in the jug?
Tá, agus tá arán ar an bpláta
Yes, and there's bread on the plate
An bhfuil an t-im ann?
Is the butter there?
Tá, cinnte, tá sé ar an bpláta
Yes, certainly, it's on the plate
Tá tú go han-mhaith. Is ea, tá gach rud ar an mbord anois
You are very good. Yes (c), everything is on the table now.