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who is in the car?
who is upstairs?
who is cold now?
who is outside there (e)?
who is there at the door?
Where are you, Seán?
I am here at the door
Who is inside with Brídín?
There is no one inside now
In with you, so; she is crying
Is the milk on the table yet?
There's no bread on the table now
They are on the table, look
That dirty thing is on the box
There's no one on the bus
Who's on the stairs now?
Is everything on the table now mammy?
I don't know. Is there milk in the jug?
Yes, and there's bread on the plate
Is the butter there?
Yes, certainly, it's on the plate
You are very good. Yes (c), everything is on the table now.
Isn't daddy on the train?
No, he's on the bus
Isn't the bread on the table?
No, its in the box.
Is she at her dinner?
Is the paper here mammy?
Isn't it there on the table?
It's not here, I don't see it
Look, it's there, on the table at the door
Oh yes, I see it now. Thanks
who is coming?
No one is listening
Aren't they working?
Seán is learning
Are you talking?
The fat girl is dancing
Good day, mammy
Good day (response), Seán. Is Máire coming?
She's not coming yet, she's in the school
They are learning to dance
Oh, indeed! Right enough
Is the knife on the table?
Isn't there a clean fork in the box?
There's a dirty cup and saucer on the table
Is there a spoon in the sugar?
There's no tea in that cup
Isn't there milk in that tea?
Look, Seán, the spoon is in the cup
Oh it is; I beg your pardon
Good boy
Aren't I good also, mammy?
You're wonderful, but where is that knife?
Oh, it's(f) on the table. Now isn't it(f) right?
Yes. Good girl, Máire