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Ceacht a Dó - Still Talking About the Weather

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an lá
the day
an oíche
the night
an aimsir
the weather
an mhaidin
the morning
go breá
go dona
go hálainn
go deas
go maith
go hiontach
tá an aimsir go breá
the weather is fine
tá an aimsir go deas
the weather is nice
tá an aimsir go maith
the weather is good
tá an aimsir go dona
the weather is bad
tá an aimsir go hálainn
the weather is beautiful
tá an aimsir go hiontach
the weather is wonderful
níl an lá go maith
the day isn't good
tá an oíche go breá
the night is fine
níl an oíche go deas
the night is not nice
níl an mhaidin go maith
the morning isn't good
tá an lá go maith
the day is good
Níl sé go dona inniu
It's not bad today
Tá sé go hálainn anois, buíochas le Dia
It's beautiful now, thank God