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Ceacht a seacht déag - Níos mó ná ceann amháin

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ní raibh
was not / were not
ní raibh sé
he wasn't
ní raibh siad
they weren't
the (plural)
na gardaí
the guards (the police)
na buachaillí
the boys
na múinteoirí
the teachers
na cailíní
the girls
na rudaí
the things
na leanaí
the children
na rudaí sin
those things
ní raibh na buachaillí ann
the boys were not there
ní raibh na cailíní ann
the girls were not there
ní raibh na leanaí ann
the children were not there
ní raibh na gardaí ann
the guards (police) were not there
ní raibh na múinteoirí ann
the teachers were not there
ní raibh na rudaí sin ann
those things were not there
bhí na buachaillí ar an mbóthar
the boys were on the road
ní raibh na cailíní sa bhaile
the girls were not at home
bhí na leanaí sa leaba
the children were in bed
ní raibh na gardaí ag an teach
the guards (police) were not at the house
nach raibh na múinteoirí sa scoil?
Weren't the teachers in the school?
an bhfuil na rudaí sin sa bhosca?
Are those things in the box?
ar scoil
at school
sa scoil
in the school
buachaill dána
a bold boy
ag caint le
speaking to
Bhí na gardaí sa scoil inniu, a dhaidí.
The guards were in the school today, daddy.
Ní raibh siad! Cén fáth?
They weren't! Why?
Níl a fhios agam, ach bhí siad ag caint leis na múinteoirí, agus le buachaill freisin.
I don't know, but they were speaking to the teachers, and to a boy also.
Buachaill dána, is dócha?
A bold boy, I suppose?
Ní raibh sé ar scoil inné.
He wasn't at school yesterday.
Á-á! Sin é, ní raibh sé ar scoil inné. Bhí sé dána.
Ah! That's it, he wasn't at school yesterday. He was bold.