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an raibh sé?
was he? / was it?
an raibh siad?
were they?
i mbus
in a bus
i long
in a ship
i dtraein
in a train
in eitleán
in an aeroplane
i mbád
in a boat
i gcarr
in a car
ever / never
last night
an raibh sé i mbus riamh?
was he ever in a bus?
an raibh sé i dtraein riamh?
was he ever in a train?
an raibh sé i mbád riamh?
was he ever in a boat?
an raibh sé i long riamh?
was he ever in a ship?
an raibh sé in eitleán riamh?
was he ever in a plane?
an raibh sé i gcarr riamh?
was he ever in a car?
an raibh siad i mbus ar an mbóthar?
Were they in a bus on the road?
bhí an sagart i gcarr
the priest was in a car.
ní raibh na cailíní sin i dtraein riamh
those girls were never in a train
an raibh na leanaí ag an séipéal
were the children at the chapel?
bhí siad ar scoil, is dócha?
they were at school, I suppose?
an raibh tú ag damhsa aréir?
were you dancing last night?
a couple
cúpla duine eile
a couple of others (people)
aon duine eile
any other person
seo an t-arán
here's the bread
Seo an t-arán, a mhamaí.
Here's the bread, mammy.
Go raibh maith agat. An raibh Cáit sa siopa?
Thanks. Was Cáit in the shop?
Bhí, cinnte.
Yes (past tense), certainly.
An raibh aon duine eile ann?
Was anyone else there?
Bhí Máire ag obair sa siopa freisin, agus bhí cúpla duine eile ann.
Máire was working in the shop also, and there were a couple of other people there.
An bhfuil Cáit go maith arís?
Is Cáit all right again?
Tá, is dócha, mar bhí sí ag obair.
Yes (present tense), probably, because she was working.