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Ceacht a naoi déag - Ainmhithe

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nach raibh sé?
wasn't he?
cá raibh sé?
where was he?
an cat
the cat
an capall
the horse
an madra
the dog
an t-asal
the donkey
an bhó
the cow
an chaora
the sheep
nach raibh an cat ann?
wasn't the cat there?
nach raibh an madra ann?
wasn't the dog there?
nach raibh an bhó ann?
wasn't the cow there?
nach raibh an capall ann?
wasn't the horse there?
nach raibh an t-asal ann?
wasn't the donkey there?
nach raibh an chaora ann?
wasn't the sheep there?
bhí sí i dteach eile
she was in another house
nach raibh an chaora lag sin ag ithe?
wasn't that weak sheep eating?
cá raibh an capall ag obair inné?
where was the horse working yesterday?
bhí an t-asal ag fanacht ag an doras
the donkey was waiting at the door
nach raibh an múinteoir ag teacht sa charr?
wasn't the teacher coming in the car?
cá raibh an bhó inniu?
where was the cow today?
i bhfad
a long time
cúpla nóiméad
a couple minutes
a lán daoine
many people (1)
ag fanacht leat
waiting for you
bhí a fhios agam go raibh
I knew that you were
ag súgradh
playing (free)
Bhí tú i bhfad, a Mháire. Cá raibh tú?
You were a long time, Máire. Where were you?
Bhí mé sa siopa.
I was in the shop
Tá a fhios agam, ach bhí tú an-fhada.
I know, but you were very long.
Bhí a lán daoine ann.
There were many people there.
Bhí tú ag súgradh ar an mbóthar, is dócha.
You were playing on the road, probably.
Bhí, cúpla nóiméad.
Yes (past tense), for a few minutes
Bhí a fhios agam go raibh. Bhí mise ag fanacht leat.
I knew you were. I was waiting for you.