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a clock
cén t-am é?
what time is it?
a haon a chlog
one o'clock
a haon
a dó
a trí
a ceathair
a cúig
a sé
tá sé a haon a chlog
it is one o'clock
tá sé a dó a chlog
it is two o'clock
tá sé a trí a chlog
it is three o'clock
tá sé a ceathair a chlog
it is four o'clock
tá sé a cúig a chlog
it is five o'clock
tá sé a sé a chlog
it is six o'clock
cén t-am é anois, a Mháire?
what time is it now, Máire?
níl sé a haon a chlog fós
it's not one o'clock yet
cén t-am a bhí sé anseo aréir?
what time was he here last night?
bhí sé ann ar a sé a chlog
he was there at six o'clock
nach raibh sé ann ar a cúig?
wasn't he there at five?
cá raibh tú ar a dó a chlog inniu?
where were you at two o'clock today
seo duit
here you are (presenting something)
mórán daoine
many people (2)
Fáilte romhat, a Phádraig. Tá tú mall inniu.
You're welcome, Pádraig. You're late today.
An bhfuil anois? Cén t-am é?
Am I now? What time is it?
Tá sé a sé a chlog.
It's six o'clock.
Bhí an bus mall, is dócha.
The bus was slow, probably.
An raibh mórán daoine ann?
Was there many people there?
Bhí, cinnte. Bhí sé lán.
Yes (past tense), certainly. It was full.
Seo duit an tae anois.
Here is your tea now (presenting the dinner)
Go raibh maith agat.
Thank you.