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they were drinking the tea
the boys were on the road
you were running on the dirty road
the girls were not at home
you were eating sugar?
the children were in bed
who was working here?
the guards (police) were not at the house
Weren't the teachers in the school?
the teacher was listening
Máire was learning at home
Are those things in the box?
The guards were in the school today, daddy.
They weren't! Why?
I don't know, but they were speaking to the teachers, and to a boy also.
A bold boy, I suppose?
You are welcome, Máire. Seán isn't here yet.
He wasn't at school yesterday.
He is coming, right enough.
Ah! That's it, he wasn't at school yesterday. He was bold.
Were they in a bus on the road?
He is playing (a game / sport), probably.
the priest was in a car.
No (present), because he was running after me. I see him coming now.
those girls were never in a train
Good. Here, the dinner is ready.
were the children at the chapel?
Thank you, mammy.
they were at school, I suppose?
were you dancing last night?
Here's the bread, mammy.
Thanks. Was Cáit in the shop?
Was anyone else there?
Máire was working in the shop also, and there were a couple of other people there.
Is Cáit all right again?
Yes (present tense), probably, because she was working.
she was in another house
wasn't that weak sheep eating?
where was the horse working yesterday?
the donkey was waiting at the door
wasn't the teacher coming in the car?
where was the cow today?
You were a long time, Máire. Where were you?
I was in the shop
I know, but you were very long.
There were many people there.
You were playing on the road, probably.
Yes (past tense), for a few minutes
I knew you were. I was waiting for you.
what time is it now, Máire?
it's not one o'clock yet
what time was he here last night?
he was there at six o'clock
wasn't he there at five?
where were you at two o'clock today
You're welcome, Pádraig. You're late today.
Am I now? What time is it?
It's six o'clock.
The bus was slow, probably.
Was there many people there?
Yes (past tense), certainly. It was full.