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Ceacht a Trí - Describing Physical Characteristics

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big / large
go maith
ill / sick
tá sé mór, níl sé beag
He is big, he is not small
tá sé beag, níl sé mór
He is small, he is not big
tá sé sean, níl sé óg
He is old, he is not young
tá sé óg, níl sé sean
He is young, he is not old
tá sé go maith, níl sé tinn
He is well, he is not ill
tá sé tinn, níl sé go maith
He is ill, he is not well
tá sé an-mhór
he is very big
tá sé an-bheag
he is very small
tá sé an-sean
he is very old
tá sé an-óg
he is very young
tá sé an-mhaith
he is very good
tá sé an-tinn
he is very ill
with you
ar chor ar bith
at all
is maith sin
that's good
Níl Seán leat inniu?
Seán isn't with you today?
Níl, tá sé tinn
No, he's sick
Níl sé an-tinn?
He's not very ill?
Níl sé go dona anois ar chor ar bith
He's not bad now at all
Is maith sin, buíochas le Dia
That's good, thank God