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Audio Tests for Ceacht a hAon - a Cúig

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it is very cold
it is very warm
it is very wet
it is very dry
it is very dark
it is very bright
Good day, Cáit
Good day, Nóra (in reply)
it is very cold, but it is dry
It is dry, thank God
the day isn't good
the night is fine
the night is not nice
the morning isn't good
It's not bad today
It's beautiful now, thank God
Seán isn't with you today?
No, he's sick
He's not very ill?
He's not bad now at all
That's good, thank God
I am well today
I am not bad now
Am I nice?
you're beautiful, indeed
You're not wet
Are you there (e) again?
You are well again?
I am very well now, thank God
I am here now
He is not inside
It's a bad day. Are you cold?
He is up there (e)
She is below
No, indeed, I am not cold at all
He is not out here
Are you there (e), Seán?
Yes, I am here in the garden
And is Máire there (e) also?
She's not here, she's inside