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Ceacth a Sé - Where are They?

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cá bhfuil mé?
where am I?
cá bhfuil tú?
where are you?
cá bhfuil sé?
where is he? Where is it?
cá bhfuil sí?
where is she? Where is it?
cá bhfuil Cáit?
where is Cáit?
cá bhfuil an ...?
where is the ...?
an fear
the man
an bhean
the woman
an buachaill
the boy
an cailín
the girl
cá bhfuil daidí?
where is daddy?
cá bhfuil mamaí?
where is mammy?
cá bhfuil an fear?
where is the man?
cá bhfuil an bhean?
where is the woman?
cá bhfuil an buachaill?
where is the boy?
cá bhfuil an cailín?
where is the girl?
cá bhfuil sé ar chor ar bith?
where is he at all?
cá bhfuil tú anois, a Sheáin
where are you now, Seán?
tá mé istigh anseo
I am in here
cá bhfuil sí anois?
Where is she now?
níl sí amuigh anseo
she is not out here
tá sí amuigh sa ghairdín, ceart go leor
she is outside in the garden, right enough
it (c)
is ea
it is (continuous)
an ea?
is it? (continuous)
ní hea
no / it is not (continuous)
sa chistin
in the kitchen
thuas an staighre
Cá bhfuil Seán?
Where is Seán?
Tá sé amuigh
He's out
An bhfuil mamaí amuigh freisin?
Is mammy out also?
Níl, tá sí istigh
No, she's inside
Sa chistin, an ea?
In the kitchen, is it (c)?
Ní hea, tá sí thuas an staighre
No, she's upstairs (in response to an ea?)