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Ceacth a hOcht - Forms of Transport

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a person
aon duine
any person / anyone
aon rud
sa bhus
in the bus
sa charr
in the car
sa bhád
in the boat
sa traein
in the train
sa stáisiún
in the station
sa bhosca
in the box
An bhfuil aon rud sa bhus?
Is anything in the bus?
An bhfuil aon rud sa charr?
Is anything in the car?
An bhfuil aon rud sa bhád?
Is anything in the boat?
An bhfuil aon rud sa traein?
Is anything in the train?
An bhfuil aon rud sa stáisiún?
Is anything in the station
An bhfuil aon rud sa bhosca?
Is anything in the box?
An bhfuil aon duine sa stáisiún anois?
Is anyone in the station now?
Tá duine sa charr
There is someone in the car (there is a person in the car)
Níl aon duine sa bhus
There's no one in the bus
An bhfuil aon rud sa bhosca?
Is there anything in the box?
Níl aon rud sa charr
There is nothing in the car
Tá Seán sa bhaile
Seán is at home
Dia daoibh
Good day (addressing many people)
a leanaí
children (said when addressing them)
Ó féach, tá an traein sa stáisiún
Oh look, the train is in the station
Ó tá, ach cá bhfuil daidí?
Oh, yes, but where is daddy?
Féach, tá sé ansin
Look, there (e) he is
Dia daoibh, a leanaí.
Good day children
Cá bhfuil mamaí agus an carr?
Where is mammy and the car?
Féach, tá sí ansin sa stáisiún
Look, there (e) she is in the station
Ó tá, maith go leor
Oh yes, all right