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Ad Hoc
After the fact explanation
Ad Hominem
Claims or arguments considered false because of who said it
Ad Hominem Tu Quoque
Concluding that a claim is false because it is inconsistent with previous actions or words
Appeal to Authority
Using a role of power over others to get others to believe their claims in place of evidence
Appeal to Belief
Assuming that because it is part of someone's core knowledge it must be true
Appeal to Common Practice
Assuming that because everyone does it is correct, moral, reasonable
Appeal to Consequences of a Belief
Using a fear of repercussion to make a claim appear more correct
Appeal to Emotion
Manipulating feelings to get people to believe things (advertising)
Appeal to Fear
Using the things that scare a person to inspire belief in an argument, not distinguishing between rational reasoning and irrational reasoning
Appeal to Flattery
Using compliments to make an argument seem more logical than it is
Appeal to Novelty
Assuming that because something is new it must be better
Appeal to Pity
Using feelings for a claim, playing to compassion, to get people to follow an argument
Appeal to Popularity
Assuming that because the vast majority or the socially dominant part of society believes in it means it is better or correct
Appeal to Ridicule
Mocking something in order to make it appear incorrect
Appeal to Spite
Because of past knowledge of a person's personality, doesn't mean their claims are incorrect