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Appeal to Tradition
Assuming something is better because it has always been done that way in the past, or has been around for a long time
Threat of rejection by one's peers in place of argument
Begging the Question
Arguments that assume the conclusion is inherently true as a component of their claim, circular reasoning
Biased Sample
Conclusions drawn based on a small part of a whole which is predisposed towards one side of an argument
Burden of Proof
A claim in which the obligation to provide evidence has been placed on the wrong side (you must prove that Bigfoot exists, not the other way around)
Circumstantial Ad Hominem
Denying a claim based on the claim being dependent on a person's own self-interest
Drawing conclusions about a whole based on the features of its constituents, without justification
The point reached when the argument is ended and the premises all point to a single statement
Confusing Cause and Effect
Confusing things that often occur together as one causing the other
Deductive Reasoning
Complete support for the conclusion, three stages, premises, inferences, conclusion, valid argument, if sound pretenses then also a sound argument
Assuming that what is true of a whole must be true of all of its parts
Technical flaws in an argument, error in reasoning, premises that do not lead to the proper conclusion; a fallacious argument
False Dilemma
"Assuming there are only two conclusions, broad question, without looking at the other more finite solutions or ""in-betweens""
Gambler's Fallacy
Assuming that because you have been off the norm, the status quo MUST soon be corrected and returned to standard
Genetic Fallacy
The origin of the reason is given and supreme therefore it must be true (my parents told me therefore it MUST be true)