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Guilt by Association
A person rejects a claim based on their opinions of the other people who accept it
Hasty Generalization
Lack of data to support your claim
Ignoring a Common Cause
Two things that are regularly connected doesn't mean they always are
Inductive Reasoning
Partial support for the conclusion that requires logical jumps
Using previous premises to arrive at a new premise, steps on the path towards the conclusion
The science of reasoning, proof, thinking or inference.
Middle Ground
Assuming the middle position is correct simply because it is neither extreme
Misleading Vividness
Small number of particularly dramatic events are taken to outweigh a significant amount of statistical evidence, assuming something will occur just because it has happened dramatically or vividly in t
Personal Attack
Using direct personal attacks against the opponent in place of evidence
Poisoning the Well
Trying to discredit a claim by putting out unfavorable information in advance
Post Hoc
Just because something happens in advance of something else doesn't mean it is the cause
Core assumptions agreed upon by constituents, only apply on a single argument basis
Questionable Cause
Assuming that because often two things occur together they must be related, umbrella fallacy to Cause and Effect and Post Hoc
Red Herring
Irrelevant topic is presented to divert one's attention from the real issue
Relativist Fallacy
Rejecting a claim by asserting that certain undesirable others say it is true