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Whit like?
How are you?
No bad, hou's yersel?
Not bad, yourself?
A'm daein fine, whit aboot yersel?
I'm doing fine, how about you?
Lang time nae see.
Long time no see.
It's been dunky's since a last saw ye.
I haven't seen you in ages.
Whit's yer name?
What's your name?
Ma name's ...
My name is ...
Whaur ye fae?
Where are you from?
A'm fae ...
I'm from...
Gled tae meet ye.
Pleased to meet you.
Guid mornin.
Good morning
Guid efternuin.
Good afternoon.
Guid evenin.
Good evening.
Guid nicht.
Good night.
Bye for noo. See ye efter.
Guid luck!
Good luck!
Here's tae ye!
Cheers! Good Health! (Toasts used when drinking) Cheers!
Hae a guid day
Have a nice day!
Hae a guid journey.
Hae a guid journey. Bon voyage / Have a good journey
A unnerstaun
I understand.
A dinna unnerstaun
I don't understand.
A dinna ken.
I don't know.
Can ye talk mair slow?
Please speak more slowly.
E, want tae write it doon fur iz.
Please write it down.
Dae ye talk English?
Do you speak English?
Dae ye talk Scots?
Do you speak Scots?
Ay, a wee bit.
Yes, a little.
Talk tae me in Scots.
Speak to me in Scots.
Hoo dae ye say ... in Scots?
How do you say ... in Scots?
Excuise me
Excuse me.
Hou much dis this cost?/
How much is this?
Thank ye.
Thank you.
Nae problem.
No problem.
Whaur's the toilet?
Where's the toilet?
This gentleman will pey for awthing.
This gentleman will pay for everything.
This leddy will pey for awthing.
This lady will pay for everything.
Will ye dance wi me?
Would you like to dance with me?
A miss ye.
I miss you.
A love ye.
I love you.
Get weel soon.
Get well soon.
Lea iz alane!
Leave me alone!
Phone the polis!
Call the police!
Blythe yuil an a Happy New Year.
Christmas and New Year greetings.
Ane leid is nivver eneuch.
One language is never enough.