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M'ap aprann kreyòl
I'm learning Haitian Creole
Mwen wè ou
I see you
Mwen vle manje
I want to eat
Ou bezwen bwè
You need to drink
M'ap bwè dlo a
I'm drinking the water
M'ap manje pwason an
I'm eating the fish
W'ap li liv la
You're reading the book
N'ap dòmi
We're sleeping
Mwen p'ap aprann Angle
I'm not learning English
Li vle manje yon pwason
He/she wants to eat a fish
Mwen pa gen yon chen
I don't have a dog
Ou gen yon kabrit
You have a goat
M'ap pale
I'm talking
Ou pale
You talk
M'ap mache
I'm walking