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Ou pral bèl
You will be beautiful
Ou pral aprann Angle
You will learn English
Mwen pap travay
I will not work
Yo pap vini
They will not come
Yon jou yo va vini
Someday they will come
Mwen pral manje pwason an
I will eat the fish
Mwen pral vini jodi a
I will come today
Li pral vini demen
He/she will come tomorrow
Ou pral wè
You will see
Nou pral bwè dlo a
We will drink the water
Mwen pral vle manje yon pwason
I will want to eat a fish
Yo pral gen yon kabrit
They will have a goat
Mwen pral dòmi
I will sleep
Mwen pap aprann jodi a
I will not learn today
Yon jou ou va aprann
Someday you will learn