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tu çi karî dikî?
What is your job?
tu bi çi mijûl î?
What are you busy with?
Ew çi karî dike?
What is her/his job?
Bave te çi karî dike?
What is your father's job?
Ez endazyar im.
I'm an engineer.
Ew mamoste ye.
She/he is a teacher.
Dayika wî şêwirmend e.
His mother is a consultant.
Saet çend e?
What time is it?
Saet deh e.
It is ten (o'clock).
Saet nêzikê çaran e.
It is close to 4 o'clock.
Ji diduyan re çarêkek heye.
It is a quarter to 2.
Çaran çarêkek dibore.
It is a quarter past 4.
I want
...la kidareya?
Where is...?
time, clock
amûrên mitbaxê
kitchen utensils