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Li bazarê gelek tişt hene.
At the market there are many things.
Li vir jinek heye.
There is a woman here.
Li vir jinek tuneye
there is no woman here
du birayên min hene
I have two brothers.
Min du bira hene.
I have two brothers (no izafe)
Min xwişkek heye.
I have a sister.
Du pisîkên te hene.
You have two cats.
Te du pisîk hene.
You have two cats (no izafe)
Ezmûneke wê heye.
She has an exam.
Wê ezmûnek heye.
She has an exam (no izafe).
Wî pere nîne.
He does not have money (no izafe).
Pirseke te heye?
Do you have a question?
Te pirsek heye?
Do you have a question (no izafe).