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my father is an accountant
والدى محاسب
my uncle is an actor
عمى او خالى ممثل
my aunt is an actress
عمتى اوخالتى ممثلة
shakespeare is a famous author
شكسبير مؤلف مشهور
my grandfather is a baker
جدى خباز
my mother is a banker
امى موظفة بنك
my brother is a barbar
اخى حلاق
my neighbour is a butcher
جارى جزار
this man is a burglar
هذا الرجل لص منازل
my friend is a chef
صديقتى طباخة
my brother is a carpenter
اخى نجار
i don't like criminals
انا لا احب المجرمين
my aunt is a police officer
عمتى اوخالتى ضابطة شرطة