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active euthanasia
The ending of a life by a deliberate action, such as by giving a patient a fatal injection.
Causing a physical or mental dependency on a substance that is very difficult to overcome.
Sex outside marriage where one or both of the couple are already married to someone else.
Prejudice and discrimination against the elderly.
An addictive social drug found in beer, wine and spirits, etc.
anabolic steroids
A drug that helps to build muscle.
artificial insemination
Sperm medically inserted into the vagina to assist pregnancy.
artificial insemination by donor (AID)
When a woman is made pregnant by the sperm of a donor and not by her partner.
artificial insemination by husband (AIH)
When a woman is made pregnant by the sperm of her husband, but not through having sexual relations with him.
An order issued by a magistrate aimed at preventing an individual from being in certain places at certain times.
People who have suffered the loss of a loved one.
Fertilised ovum at about 5–7 days.
blood transfusion
When a patient is given extra blood as part of an operation.
A mild legal stimulant found in coffee, chocolate, etc.
capital punishment
Form of punishment in which a prisoner is put to death for crimes committed. The death penalty.
care home
A home for the elderly who are ill and need specialist medical treatment.
1. Not having sex. 2. Decision to remain unmarried or refrain from having sex for religious reasons.
The scientific method by which animals or plants can be created which have exactly the same genetic make up as the original, because the DNA of the original is used.
cold turkey
Process of trying to beat addiction just by stopping taking drugs.
community service
A form of punishment in which the criminal has to perform tasks useful to society, rather than going to prison.